Home Owner Testimonials

“Each of you brought a diversity of knowledge and ideas to the table, which not only made our dreams come true, but enhanced them…Our experience with you as builder was unlike any we have had in the past. You lived up to your word and commitments. This positive commitment was shown in all of your communications…Our whole experience with Carolina Creative Builders could only be rated as 100% positive. You truly have lived up to your name ‘Creative’.”

 Neville & Janice Lorick ,Hendersonville,NC


“Many of the land owners to whom we recommended Carolina Creative Builders, Inc. had you build their homes and we know for a fact that those new home owners are every bit as happy with your accomplishments as we are…One of the highlights of working with Carolina Creative Builders, Inc. was their patience with us and their willingness to answer all of our questions in such a way that we knew what was being done in the construction of our home and why…One of the more dramatic changes we reuquested (to our original plans) dealt with the shape and size of the deck. Kevin, in a short time, designed a unique-shaped deck of generous size. That deck is now a pleasing addition to our home and it is the direct result of Carolina Creative Builders, Inc. willingness and ability to understand our desires and to meet our high expectations.”

 Mike & Sandy Thomas , Hendersonville,NC


“After some considerable time has elapsed since you finished the building of our wonderful home, I felt compelled to tell you, again, how very pleased we are with the great job you did in taking a challenging plan, with many unique features, and putting it together as if you had built the same house many times before. One of the few problems we have had is that, after this long period of time, we still have people stopping in front of the house to take photographs. We have had many experienced builders and designers visit the house and, without exception, they have been amazed at the build quality and the attention to detail that exists throughout the house. As for Linda and me,..we are continually discovering things we had not previously noticed that demonstrate the care that was taken to make this house truly special.”

 J. Harold Seagle, Attorney at Law , Asheville,NC


“The best thing about Carolina Creative Builders is the people. Without the fine team…all the rest would be impossible. Robert was always looking for better ways to do things – he is the real “creative” in Carolina Creative. Kevin’s meticulous planning and scheduling paid major dividends…our large, complex project finished to the highest standards ahead of schedule and on budget…we were very happy with the way Carolina Creative Builders constructed our home and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

 John & Judy Hansen , Hendersonville,NC

“Carolina Creative Builders and The Architectural Practice, Con Dameron, AIA, have worked together since the mid 90’s crafting homes to the specific requirements of each homeowner. The ability to understand and share in the vision of each unique project has separated Carolina Creative Builders from the typical approach to repetitive and ordinary projects. Beginning with initial site assessment and preliminary budgeting CCB has helped to frame a realistic approach to project management and construction. Their enthusiasm, creativity and ability to execute the diverse project designs of each client is a positive and necessary requirement for home construction in our mountain environment and topography. I look forward to future projects and continued recommendation of Carolina Creative Builders.”

 Broun Conway Dameron, Jr. AIA , Asheville,NC